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Lipstick Diaries

Author: Lori Soard
Genre: Mainstream
Reviewed by Pam Skochinski

Kate, Rebecca, and Sarah have been friends since grade school. Right before eighth grade, they picked their signature colors and sealed their diary entries with a kiss. Almost every Friday night, for the next 16 years, they met to add another page to the diary.

Now living in New Orleans, they seem to have found their niche. Kate works as a ghost tour guide, Rebecca is a nurse, and Sarah runs a new age shop, with a creepy gothic tenant in the store next door.  It’s Friday, and everyone is looking forward to their weekly ritual. Everyone, that is, except Rebecca. She’s dreading having to reveal that she’s pregnant and the father of her child seems to have deserted them, just like her own father did so many years ago. Then, the invitation falls out of the mail at Kate’s feet; an invitation to a wedding. Kate’s sister, Jennifer, is marrying the most notorious playboy in Greenfield, Indiana. What’s a sister to do except dash home and stop that wedding?

Unfortunately, Kate’s going to have to abandon the life she’s made for herself in order to save her sister from disaster. She leaves New Orleans behind, not knowing if she has a job to come back to. Sarah and Rebecca come along, to help Kate and perhaps to dispel a few ghosts from their own pasts.

Once in Indiana, it takes just moments for Kate to realize that her sweet baby sister has a stubborn streak. After Jennifer’s last ill- fated relationship, she thinks she knows how to spot a loser by applying Granny’s eight tests. Mark passed six of the tests, and to her, that’s good enough. Kate disagrees. In an act of desperation to get Kate to accept Mark, Jennifer makes a wager. If Kate can find a perfect man, one who passes all eight of the tests, by the day of the wedding, Jennifer will postpone marrying Mark.

Kate enlists Sarah and Rebecca’s help. Armed with the test gleaned from an old lipstick diary, Kate sets out to test every eligible bachelor in Greenfield in order to find the perfect man. Along the way, she has lots of help and hindrance from her family and friends. There’s also some surprise appearances from the past:  Ian, Kate’s boss from New Orleans; Jared, the father of Rebecca’s unborn child; and someone skulking in the shadows, following Kate’s progress with more than just a passing interest.

Following Kate’s quest from jazzy, quirky New Orleans to Indiana, where you can almost hear the corn growing, will leave the reader breathless; either cheering Kate on or wanting to shake her for being so stubborn. What you never doubt is Kate’s love for her family and friends. In the end, there simply weren’t enough pages to the book. Did Kate go back to her old job when she got back to New Orleans or did she follow her dream a little sooner than planned, did Kate’s plan to drive away Sarah’s creepy tenant work, and did Rebecca and Jared find their happily-ever-after? Lori Soard’s Lipstick Diaries is sealed with a kiss. Hopefully, it’s a promise of more installments.


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